flexTPS@Oregon State

The flexTPS menubar is divided into a top level and sublevel section. The top level contains links to the main areas provided by flexTPS such as Local Video and Collaboration. The items contained in each top level item's sublevel section provided access to subsections within the selected menu item or actions which manipulate the environment within the pages of the selected menu item.

Top level sections and their associated sublevels:


This section in the initial stating point in the flexTPS portal. It provides information about the flexTPS video portal and its use.

This subsection contains general information about the purpose of flexTPS and some basic information on browser support and requirements.
This subsection contains documentation about the various sections, subsection, capabilities, and usage of the flexTPS video portal. Instructions on manipulating the interface and accessing video streams is also covered in this subsection
This subsection contains infomation about the version of flexTPS currently running, copyright information, and its maintainer
Local Video

The Local Video section provides access to the locally hosted video streams. Available feeds (video stream groups) and the streams associated with the feed are listed in the Video Feeds tree on the left of the page. To display the video streams contained by a feed, click the plus sign to the left of the feed name.

Not all video feeds are public; some feeds require that the viewer be logged in as a specific user. Feeds to which the viewer does not have access will not be listed in the Local Video feeds section.

If a stream is enabled it will appear green. Clicking on the stream name will cause the stream's video box to appear. The video box can be moved around the browser window by clicking and holding the left mouse button over the video box's header section while moving the directional cursor to the desired location

If a stream supports remote robotic controls (pan, tilt, zoom, etc), camera control bars will be available surrounding the video area. The zoom controls are above the video window, tilt controls to the right and pan controls below. The arrow controls are relative controls. This means that the will adjust the camera relative to its current orientation. The bars are absolute controls. They will adjust the camera relative to its home position. The center of the bar represents the home position of the specific control. There is also an "H" button which will cause the camera to track back to home position for all three controls, pan, tilt, and zoom.

The size selector (top right) toggles between medium and large video area sizes. The close button (top right) will close the video box. The frame rate selector enables the selection of the desired frame rate. The max frame rate may differ between streams depending on how the administration has configured each stream. The "Reconnect" button causes the video box to reconnect to the stream and the "Take Snapshot" button will grab a frame which can be saved on the user's local machine.

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The Collaboration section provides access to all public video feeds from both the local site and all associated remote flexTPS sites. Through this section, local and remote video streams may be viewed in parallel. The Collaboration Sites tree is subdivided by flexTPS site name. Each site entry contains public feed entries and stream names. If a stream name is green is enabled, otherwise it is currently offline and unavailable. Please read the Local Video section for information on interacting with each stream's video box.
Images from the non-originating site need to be enabled in your web browser so that it will display video streams from the non-local flexTPS site.

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The administration section provided controls to enable/disable video steams, their robotic controls, set their max frame rate, connection time limits, and refresh collaboration feeds. To access this section, you must be logged in as a user with the administrationistration rights.